Creek Side Station is the vision of Michael and Sharon Chase, life-long residents of upstate New York. The couple fell in love with the beauty of this intimate setting and deep roots in local history, and purchased the property in 2002. Over the years they have restored the land and constructed a warm and welcoming venue for your next gathering.

Creek Side Station gets its name from the early 1900s Otego Trolley line that runs through the property as well as the Otego Creek that snakes its way along the grounds cutting picturesque valleys and babbling brooks. The lines have been lifted, but the bed where the rails once traveled is still there, and offers a stunning setting for pictures.

The Hartwick Trolley line was completed in the early fall of 1901, connecting Hartwick to the main line running south into Oneonta. As this line continued north it met the Cooperstown/Richfield Springs line and ultimately became the OC&RS (Oneonta, Cooperstown, & Richfield Springs Line)